Six Tech Manuals
    March 19, 2017


About our TR6
Six Tech Manuals
1980 TR8
5 Vane Water Pump
Convertible Top 2013
Exhaust Manifold 2013
Voltage Stabilizer 2012
Space Saver Spare
Trafficator 2012
Parts Sale 2011
BobbyD Fender Blanket
Fuel Pump 2011
Brake Adjusters 2011
Heater Valve 2011
Console 2010
Dyno Day 2010
95 Amp Alternator
CV Axles T/A Repair
Fuse Panel Conversion
Miata Seat Conversion
Hardtop Restoration
Hardtop Carrier
Luggage Rack
Gauge Calibration
Gauge Refurbishing
NET DOT 2009
Repainting 2008
Dash Replacement
Machining Block 2008
Machining Head 2008
Cam Bearings 2008
Thrust Washers 2008
Engine Assembly 2008
Engine Installation 2008
Silicone Cover Gasket
Fuel Pump Rebuild
Damper Rebuild
Throttle Pedal Rebuild
Ratco Cable Linkage
Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
PDWA Rebuild
Rheostat Rebuild
Alternator Swap
Frame Parts & Coating
Frame Parts Assembly
Frame Before Stripping
Frame Strip & POR15
Brake Restoration
Cylinder Head Swap
Triple Carb Rebuild
Triple Carb Installation
Roadster Factory Tour
Spring 2007
Dyno Day 2007
Engine Restoration
Paint Detailing
Glass Replacement
Bumper Rechroming
Distributor Overhaul
Clutch Replacement
Carpet Replacement
Differential Overhaul
Heater Overhaul
Past Improvements



Leonard Renkenberger has worked to prepare a complete set of manuals with additional information that
is very valuable to the TR-6 Community.  I have been asked, along with Bob Danielson, to host these
files in a downloadable format on our respective sites.  What you see listed below describes each section
of the manual as well as the supplements and complete versions.

An introduction from Len:

"SIX TECH was written in the early days of the TR6.  When written it was centered on the daily driver, hence my newsletter column "Keeping it on the Road". 

As the cars aged and came to that fork in the road leading to parts car or preservation the demand for it diminished.  Printing volume and cost
became prohibitive.  Having recently been made aware of the Forum, I responded to a posting, advising the writer the answer and drawing
were in my SIX TECH if he could borrow a copy from someone.  This lead to Jim Matos suggesting, and volunteering to manage, the project. 
The printer still had a copy and  Jim took off with the project enlisting the expertise and help of Paul Rego and Bobby Danielson. 
Thanks to considerable work by the three and Paul and Bobby's websites SIX TECH is available to all. "

Several of these are rather large, so allow a little time to get them down on your machine.

We ask that you abide by the copyright notices in each manual and respect the authors work and efforts,
in providing the Triumph community with quality material for reference, utilizing his own time and expenses.

**** Viewers are warned that if they attempt any mechanical repairs or modifications, or follow procedures referred
 to in any of these manuals, they do so at their own risk, and no liability will attach to either myself or Len Renkenberger.****

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March 2017

This is the latest edition to the page and it consists of the Stromberg Carb Reference Manual
that was in a package of gaskets that I bought on line about five years ago.
This is a LARGE file (12MB)because it had to be scanned to pick up as many details as possible.

Stromberg Reference Manual.pdf


This is the Complete Manual / Supplement and suggested format for download if you have the time.
Everything listed below is included in the complete manual.

 Complete Manual  (36.5M)     

Supplement to Complete Manual  (11.7M)

Hub Manual  (5.5M)

Individual sections broken out by the area covered.

Title and Index  (1.8M)

Body A  (2.7M)

Body B  (1.3M)

Body C  (3.0M)

Body D  (1.0M)

Carbs  (4.4M)

Clutch  (2.7M)

Differential  (2.8M)

Electrical A  (2.2M)

Electrical B  (1.8M)

Engine  (3.9M)

Front End A  (2.5M)

Front End B  (3.5M)

Ignition  (1.3M)

Rear Hubs  (2.2M)

Rear Suspension  (1.4M)

Safety  (1.1M)

Supplement A  (3.9M)

Supplement B  (5.2M)

Supplement C  (2.5M)

Supplement D  (4.7M) © 2017

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