Dyno Day 2010
March 19, 2017
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This was project started by our friends at the Boston Area MG Club, who
were kind enough to invite members of the Cape Cod British Car Club
to participate.  So, on  a beautiful, but extremely hot day, ten of us made
the trek to Douglas, Ma., home of NE Dyno & Tuning for great day.

Hats off to Paul Seeberg, President of the BAMGC and John Sansoucy, Owner
of NE Dyno &Tuning for a great day of learning and understanding our cars.

**** Viewers are warned that if they attempt any mechanical repairs or modifications,
or follow procedures referred to here, they do so at their own risk, and no liability will
attach to either myself or NE Dyno & Tuning.****


Until I get all of the pictures back from the other guys, this will just be about my car and the results
of all of the work done over the past three years, since the last run in 2007.  I then had the triple ZS carbs, 8.5 to 1 compression
and three lobes that were going south on my cam.  I still wanted to get it done just to have a starting point to work from.

All of the engine work that I did to the car is also covered here on my site, if you look down the left side of the page.

The engine rebuilding starts here with the machining.

The cam that is now in the car is the TH5 grind, courtesy of Greg at British Parts North West.  Greg highly recommended it at the time, based
on everything else that I was doing to the engine and I'm very satisfied with the performance and drivability of the combination of parts he suggested.

John Sancoucy keeps a record of every car that he runs through his shop.  He took the best pull from my 2007 run and
it will show on the charts at the top.  It is the base line for this start and you can see it was only 77HP at that time.

This was my previous run and as you can see I was running WAY too rich.  Worn cam lobes, can't breathe out, not good results.

This was done in AUGUST 2007

Now a few data views of 2010.  You can see the starting 77.24HP run at the top of the Run Files.

You can also see the extremely rich 10.0 Air Fuel ratio that killed the power readings.

The 2010 runs are in order from the bottom up.  We did lean out all three carbs, 1/4 turn between run #4 and #5-#6.

Since the power seemed to be climbing at 5,000, we decided to make a run at 6,000rpms and that is Run #7.
As one can see, the power fell of the chart after 5,400rpms, so the cam held true to it's rating of having great mid range power,
between 2,000 and 5,000rpms.  I think with another set of needles and timing adjustments another 5-10HP may be available,
but I'm happy at these numbers.  I don't want to get too lean and burn a valve or piston.

If you notice, the run back in 2007 was at 10:26AM and it was already 90+ degrees in the shop that day.

The runs this year were at 73, so that was much better for performance readings.

Looking at the A/F chart, I was at a more comfortable 11.6-12.3 readings at WOT (wide open throttle) on all of the runs after we leaned it back, just a bit.

If this big fan doesn't suck out all of the fumes from every car running at WOT, we're all gonna get real sick!

The great ignition debate.  Which distributor did I have this time?  Naturally, the custom curve done by
Jeff at Advance Distributors along with the adjustable timing wheel and the Pertronix Ignition with Flame Thrower Coil.

We're hooked in to the computer and it's time for me to get in and get it going.....

This was after the run and the cool down period outside.  It was a fun ride home......

I will add more pictures as I get them.  The next time, I'm doing a video to add in here.  I hope Erik's came out OK this time.

Thanks to Paul & John!

NE Dyno & Tuning
169 Davis Street Route 16
Douglas, MA 01516
Phone # (508) 476-7795




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